Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Bananas!

In preparation for the Festival of Chocolate, I have decided to start jogging again (slogging as my father likes to call it – a very SLOW jog) to prepare myself for all of the running around the 55,000 square foot exhibit hall in the Palm Beach County Convention Center that I will be doing November 19th and 20th.

Somewhere around the mile mark my breathing started getting really heavy, and I began to think about the ways that I am going to remind my body that I do not hate it when I get back to my house. Three thoughts crossed my mind: water, banana, chocolate milk.

So I get back to my house, and as I am eating my banana I of course start thinking that it would taste significantly better if it had chocolate on it. I mean…chocolate is my life after all, and I then remember! It’s Bananas! Literally. Because we have a vendor for that!

Totally Bananas is the ONLY manufacturer of Frozen Bananas in Florida, and they have agreed to come sprinkle some fruity flare as a vendor at the Festival of Chocolate. Bananas and Chocolate is a marriage that not only allows us to enjoy our favorite potassium rich treat– but also enables us to do so in a way that is healthier than the average confection. And they aren’t only adding fruit to the mix – these treats are dairy-free, gluten-free and trans-fat free! Yum!!!

I bet when Mindy and Chuck Peterson lost their jobs in 2009, and had the idea to introduce a feel-good product into the economy – they had no idea how much they would help me stay on the right track post-slog. A product that is not only completely delicious but one that is also good for you is something I could definitely get used to.

My personal favorite? Has to be a tie between the dark chocolate topped with peanuts and the dark chocolate and rainbow sprinkles! The peanuts are a nice little crunch of protein, and as the epitome of a girlie girl, I feel no need to justify rainbow sprinkles. They’re just fun!

As for the chocolate milk, I have been reading a TON of articles recently about chocolate milk’s ability to boost your muscle recovery after a long work out. Many researchers are saying that it is actually better for you than just drinking water or sports drinks because it provides your body with both carbs and protein. Not to mention, it tastes delicious. For some reason I have always thought sports drinks taste like sweat.

Think you’ll be doing a little exercising before attending the Festival of Chocolate? Our Friends are McArthur Dairy will be helping us host MILK FRENZIES are various times throughout the event =)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


Want to know more about Totally Bananas? For more information about their Ahhh Peeling treats, please visit their website at

Don’t believe me about Chocolate Milk being good for your post-workout? I don’t blame you, I thought it was too good to be true when I first heard it! Check out the following articles to learn more:

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