Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's a Chocolate PARTY!

As a kid my mom would come up with some crazy themes for party ideas. But as cool as she was she never came up with this one! A chocolate themed party! And get this one guys, it’s for ADULTS!

With Dove Chocolate Discoveries you can become a part of the latest direct selling company that combines a global romance of premium chocolate with the growing trend of home entertaining! You don't need experience to be a Chocolatier, just an ability to share your enthusiasm for chocolate. Which, if you’re on this site I KNOW you have!

The main thing that I love about Dove Chocolate Discoveries is that you can be the host of your own different themed chocolate parties! What I mean is that you can have a chocolate themed Ice Cream Social or how about a Savory Sippers party where you sip on chocolate martini’s or white chocolate raspberry daiquiris! I’m in!

And Dove will turn on the Savory Side of Chocolate at The Festival of Chocolate; Get ready for Chocolate BBQ Sauce, Chocolate Meat Rub and some of the most amazing white sipping chocolate that I have ever tasted. It’s like a yummy holiday in a mug.

See you at the biggest Chocolate Party Palm Beach has ever seen! We’ve got Chocolate Bling!

Dove Chocolate Discoveries will be hosting a demonstration on how to properly “taste” chocolate and for the crafty chocoholic in all of us – they are offering an interactive activity where you can make your own chocolate dipped coffee spoon. What’s that you ask? Well – let us tempt you. At The Festival of Chocolate you dip a spoon in this scrumptious chocolate and then roll it in your favorite toppings. Then Dove Chocolate Discoveries will wrap it up for you to take home to stir your coffee with the next morning… or as soon as you get home for those of us that simply won’t be able to wait.

Savory Chocolate or Sweet Chocolate? So many choices! Speaking of good choices... how about choosing your own adorable custom designed chocolate charms at The Festival of Chocolates Chocolate Charm Bracelet Bar?! These were commissioned ONLY for The Festival of Chocolate! Your super fun choices for your wrist decoration include ice cream cones, s’mores, truffles, cakes, cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies! You can mix and match each or if you simply want it all- there will be pre-made bracelets with every one of these miniature morsels available for $20!

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