Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Family Tradition

For my mom, it’s carrot all the way. My dad, oh it HAS to be chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. As for me, my sweet tooth changes constantly but whether you’re set in your favorite or open to the world of flavors, cake has become a part of nearly every family tradition.

Humans are attracted to sweet tastes for the same reasons that ants are attracted to picnics, and wasps are attracted to jam. If something tastes sweet, it probably contains sugar, and sugar provides energy which gives us the power to keep on going.

So, when it comes to sweets that attract you and that ARE attractive – check out The Sugar Chef. Owner, Jennifer Ladisky’s lifelong passion brings dreams to life for her special occasion clients! Designing custom gourmet cakes and festive chocolates. And she is a HUGE part of The Festival of Chocolate – as a Vendor (What until you taste what she has in store; as a competitior in the Wedding Cake Competition; and as an Instructor. She’s a real TRIPLE THREAT of Chocolate! “I learned the fundamentals from my father, who learned it from my Ecuadorian grandmother”

That’s a family tradition of YUM! Tapping her South American grandmother’s love for sugar art and honing her early creative talent under her father’s tutelage, Jennifer began her entrepreneurial career as a special occasion chef at age 13. She’s a little older now and taking The Festival of Chocolate by storm. Come check her out!

Make sure you check out ALL of the Chocolate Classes as seats fill up fast! If you’d like a guaranteed spot to one of The Festival of Chocolates many mouth-watering one hour classes, such as Make Your Own Mini Chocolate Showpiece, Creating the Perfect Chocolate Truffle, Healthy Chocolate Creations for Kid Chefs or many others make sure to go to http://westpalm.festivalofchocolate.com/Classes/ and sign up now! There are 20 students per class and the class fee is ONLY $25 per student. Amazing price to keep the chocolate tradition alive in your little chef!

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