Thursday, November 10, 2011

True Sho-manship

Have you every just walked into a place and been like, “Wow.” Where the mere essence of the atmosphere seemed to overpower your senses to the point of near breathless-ness? Now if you can take that feeling that you’re getting from this movie set or exquisite far off location and compress it down…, -smaller and smaller till, still in all its splendor, it is transformed into a small delicate morsel that will now be wow-ing both your taste buds and your eyes. Ladies and gents, may I introduce to you, the Shocolaate truffle.

Well hello Gorgeous! These bite-size jewels are sure to grab your attention just as much as the mother-daughter team who creates them! Cristina Vives, the daughter Chocolatier and Diana Pace, the mother Creative Designer have mastered the Shocolaate(Show-ko-latt) art of handmade chocolates. Let’s go ahead and go into the details of how these little babies are made and make everyone start raiding their kitchen and snack drawers! Rich Belgiun chocolate is melted down into a smooth consistency. Heavy cream is added and liqueur (upon your happy request), to make the ganache in our truffles tastes its best! Hey, that rhymed! Once the rich ganache is set, this dynamic duo hand-rolls the truffles, and dip them into even MORE chocolate, creating a lovely shell around the rich and creamy ganache. Now here’s where the artistry and true showmanship come into play! These truffles then start to take on their own unique personalities as they are covered in chocolate shavings, cocoa or nuts and decorated with pearls and other lovely little adornments. Be sure to look for these gems at- The Festival of Chocolate!

Mini Chocolatiers

And, if your kids are Chocolatiers in the making… they can try their hand at dipping and decorating sweet symphonies of chocolate fused with some of your favorite crunchies! You can create and glamorize your own Marshmallow Kebobs at the Kids4Chocolate station at The Festival of Chocolate!

Adults Can Play Too!

While the Kids are getting their Chocolate on… do you know where the ADULTS can play? In their own Grown Up Chocoholics Nirvana – and yes… Wine! Take a 45 minute interactive and educational lesson on Chocolate and Wine Pairing at The Festival of Chocolate for $10 and you can be the showman at YOUR next event! Chill, Chocolate and Cabernet…need I say more?

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